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“Walking In the Spirit of Excellence”

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Daniel 6:3 (KJV)

Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.

W.I.S.E. is a Spirit Led and Christ centered Coaching program that guides, instructs, and empowers those who are ready to transform their lives and leadership from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY by using practical life approaches and setting realistic obtainable and achievable goals.

This Christian based Mentoring and Leadership program equips and empowers every participant to see immediate improvement in their way of viewing who they are and what they have been called by God to do by identifying these 7 components.

  1. Having a Christ Centered Relationship/Fellowship.
  2. What History Hindrances are causing you to Hesitate
  3. Understanding the Press, Pain, and Passion during the Process
  4. Know What You Have Been Called to Do (Desire vs. Destiny)
  5. Transforming from Ordinary to Extraordinary
  6. Advancing Forward: Equipped and Empowered
  7. Executing in Excellence