KEO-Ministries’ Itinerary

KEO MINISTRIES, Every Wednesday @ 8:30PM

31st Church Anniversary-Beginning September 29th

Courtship In The Kingdom-Oct. 13th, 8:00pm

31 Days of Fasting and Praying-Nov 1st - Dec 1st 2019

Dating As A Single-November 14, 2019

Morning Manna Intercession-Each Monday in December at 7am est

Kingdom Congratulations Dec-1-2019

Join Us-God 2020-Our Extreme Focus-Dec-31-2019 @ 9pm

Kingdom Empowerment Gathering 2020-March-27-2020

Monday Evening Manna-7pm-est

Bible Study Wednesdays at 8:00

God Children of Vision

Truth Training Thursdays

April-09-Truth Telling Thursday

April-23-Truth Telling Thursday

May-14-Truth Telling Thursday

May-21-Truth Telling Thursday

June-18-Truth Telling Thursday

July-15-Truth Telling Thursday