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Blessings friends from the desk of the CEO/ Founder & Visionary Dr. Rita R. Gibson. On behalf of The W.I.S.E., LLC Publishing Enterprises Team, I would like to personally take a moment to congratulate you for contacting our publishing company for a free consultation to get your book on a flight and off the ground; “From Paper to Press.” This fight process is going to be amazing for you as you embark on manifesting the vision God has placed in your heart through your book. I am honored and enthusiastic to be able to chaperon you and offer people with specialized, expert advice along the way.
As an accomplished author of three books, I have seen how books can be used to expose many doors for you! Whether it is television, radio, ministry conferences, and social media platforms, God has innovative ways to get His message across so that men and women all over the world may be saved. I have been blessed by having the opportunities to be on several radio networks, television programs, conferences locally and internationally, magazines, prayer lines, and social media platforms, etc.
Today, let’s take that dream and desire to write your book and set it a flight into the many hand and stores so that people may be inspired by your story and change their lives forever!

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Grace & Peace,
Dr. Rita R. Gibson, RN BSN, MBA, M.A. PTh., D.D., PhD., PsyThD.